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Kick-Ass Movies to Kick My Story into Gear

I'm in a very good mood. Henry read "For it's Madness To Do Otherwise" which is my story about as he put it "boys in a whacked out boarding school" but apparently he liked it. Which is good, very good. I think Leon prepared him for gratuitous porniness, which you know, has it's own merits, but that story isn't like it. It's set in the bloody 19th century to seventeen-year-olds.

Today was our screening for Sin City. I forgot how crazy that movie is on the big screen. I think Malcolm nearly came in his pants during it, it looked that amazing. It gave me a few inspiring points for my story too. When I got back I went to get my laundry and I discovered some little bugger had made off with one of my bras! It wasn't even one of my "sexy" ones, it was just a plain cream colored silk, AND IT WAS A GOOD BRA!!! And now it's gone. V. annoyed.
Tags: porn, sin city
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