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On The Day A Saint was Martyred (or that damn holiday you must have a date for)

To recap my v-day, unfortunately I can't make a hate list as inspiring as albydarned did, but I can tell you that we had our first lasting snows of the year yesterday, that I wrote an excellent five page paper to make up for the absolutely shoddy one I did, my twin, mytigerhobbes and I got locked into the Japanese testing room (well so did everyone else, but we were done with the test), I got valentines chocolate from my dad which I did not partake in (I don't dislike chocolate, but I'm not a big fan), actually got to cook in an honest to god Kitchen, and had a dance party to "Boom Boom" by the Venga Boys.

All in all, it was a successful day.

On a completely different note, have any of you seen the movie Frailty directed by Bill Paxton? The similarities to Supernatural are astounding. Only the ending is rather sad, considering the older brother is such a sweetheart. Anyway Dad gets a calling, has two sons he raises on his own, they go around killing demons, the younger son has a destiny...bladdy bladdy blah.

Go watch it, it's good, if a complete mindfuck. I mean SERIOUSLY.
Tags: demonia, frailty, supernatural
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