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The wrong kind of right or the right kind of wrong? I am confused

Ahah! You know that paper I wrote for my class that I swore to you was the worst piece of writing I had ever signed my name on? And all of you people chimed in saying "it couldn't be that bad" (which I am very grateful for and somewhat surprised by your unending faith in me)?

Well I was vindicated! I got a C- on it, the worst grade I have ever recieved on something I wrote EVAR! *does a little dance* Yeah, um, clearly I shouldn't be so happy that it was such an awful paper and I'm probably going to fail the class now, BUT I AM. I don't know why.

Joy. No seriously. I am not being sarcastic. I think there was something liberating about that. Although now I'm quite sure my TA thinks I lack a brain. Well...that might be a little harsh. Maybe he only thinks I lack a functioning brain.

Also, if I made you a mix (xtinethepirate, brokenbacktango, bananafish THIS MEANS YOU!), you are supposed to give me feedback on it. I would very much like to know what songs you actually enjoyed.

Oki? Oki. Caity says I'm just grumpy because I'm on the rag. She's probably right.
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