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Yes, let us do everything but that which we must!

Studying for my piece of crap Japanese test tomorrow. Somehow, Adam and I got completely sidetracked and were going through my jewelry and going out to get candy. I was like "SPN FOREVAH!" in Japanese and so, somehow, in the mother of all segues, I finally got to see Born Under a Bad Sign.

"Sam what's goin' on with you? Smokin', throwin' bottles at people that sounds more like me than you!"

I was laughing so hard at that and when my room mates asked why, I told them and they were like, "Ima chuck a bottle at you if you don't stfu!" But it just seems to sum Dean up in a sentence. He smokes and lobs bottles at people. Perfect. Okay, I'm going back to transitive and intransitive giving and recieving verbs.

"nihongo no kurasu wa worthwhile na no?" "Worthwhile ka dou ka wakanai yo!"

Remind me why I have wasted seven years of my life on this fucking class, because I can't figure it out!
Tags: born under a bad sign, procrastination
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