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It'll be you and me, up in the trees

I had an excellent weekend, which is completely rare because usually weekend spells more time I have to spend with my horrible-egg-sucking-awful-people-eating-room-mates! BUT they were mostly gone, and I got to have a ton of fun with the room to myself.

Like watching three hours of South Park and Monty Python and then running off to Yorkside for milkshakes and then coming back and dancing to the Scissor Sisters.

Like waking up at 4:30 on Saturday only to spend a bunch more time watching Supernatural and Tenimyu with Loide and Shen-san. OHMYGOD, I don't know how I can possibly have any more ships (and even if I'm not the most enthusiastic about the musicals, I will say that Dream Lives was awesome). I really like hanging out with Shen-san. I don't know, she's my twin, so it's stands to reason that she'd have that effect on me.

Like rocking out with Lexi to Pulp and The Who and The Scissor Sisters and just generally being lunatics. Like going to see Run Lola Run with Adam and just sitting their being like, "I forgot how freakin' awesome this movie is."

Like coming back to eljay to read and talk with all of you.

Man, I love you guys. You all really make me forget the bad stuff.
Tags: hangin' out with my twin, milkshakes, monty python, music parties, pulp, rantage, run lola run, scissor sisters, south park, tenimyu
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