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Ain't nothin' gonna stop me now, cos I'm going HOOOOME

I'm talented. I mean truly. You all knew that. I'm so talented in fact that I managed to singlehandedly pour my chocolate milk shake (MY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE NO LESS) right into my purse. Well, I suppose I had to have one disaster before heading off on Spring Break.

OH MAN, I'm so glad it's here, I won't have to wear a coat, scarf, and gloves anymore. I'll be able to eat vegetables that aren't wilted and brown due to importation from far reaches of the world. I'm very very very excited. My dearest twin,mytigerhobbes, made me a mix and I'm sitting in the airport typing this and listening to it. So far thumbs up, my dear.

And in honor of milkshakes, and airports, and going home and eating at Cafe Brioche (24/7), I have decided that we are all greatly in need of a Channing Tatum pic spam (next week will be Aoyama Sota--just for you Diana, um although I'll appreciate it more than you will).

He's like Seventeen in the above picture! Good lord!

Tags: channing tatum, spring break
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