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Breaking the keyboard probably wouldn't be helpful, BUT I REALLY FUCKING WANT TO!

I think something gets lost when I'm attempting to write fiction somewhere between my brain and the keyboard. I feel like if I could just dictate, have myself a bitchin' court stenographer with a good love of porn to just sit with me for a few hours I'd get all my damn stories done.

I've been writing a Sam/Dean 1930s fic since I saw Johnny Dangerously again in November. I really like what I've done with it so far, however, I'm at this hump (more like insurmountable mountain) with it. I've been at it since Christmas, and I don't know how to just get over it already (the very grandiose paragraph-long description of Sam's well-tailored three piece suit probably is not the answer).

This combined with the utter crash and burn of my Underworld/SPN xover has got me more than a little tetchy. For all of you people who manage to write amazing fics around the clock, I'm feeling a little like I could kill you right now, but mostly it's just out of respect. HOW DO YOU DO IT?
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