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She gets crazier day by day

I'm in love with motorcycles. I have been since I was thirteen. I swear to god. I took auto shop for that very reason, and if the only thing I learned about the maintenance of motorcycles in that class was that they are entirely different than cars, that at least is something.

But I digress. Today, while watching a very *ahem* interesting play that the boys that I babysat were in (about the revenge of trolls on Tooth Fairies--I was unaware that trolls needed to take revenge on tooth faires, but there you have it) was suddenly struck with inspiration. Or maybe that was just the massive amounts of Dayquill I swallowed during intermission. I haven't spent overlong ruminating on this.

IN ANY EVENT...I have decided to write a story, a one-shot mind you, because I'm not sure my poor brain can take another multi-chaptered fic, about Sam and Dean and Motorcycles. I mean come on, what's not to love? Sam would totally make the most awesome Ducati rider ever. Aren't you all just imagining him poured into red and black leather with driving gloves and a nice shiny helmet?

So, sometime in the near future, expect a story chock full of the facts on Moto-Gp and Ducati bikes and the Italian circuit. By the way Casey Stoner, a brit, won the commercial bank Grand Prix of Qatar yesterday. He was, of course, a Ducati rider, because all the best riders are Ducati. And if you ask me whether or not BMW makes raceworthy bikes (or *gag* worse, if Harley Davidson does), I will beat you over the head with a flaming stick.

And if for some reason you wonder at the mechanics of how Sam is going to end up racing in the Italian circuit (there's no way I'd write a motorcycle story about the American circuit unless I wanted you all to cry over how pathetic it is), FEAR NOT. I have found a way. Now, I'm off to go take more orange pills that clearly make me even more brilliant than I usually am. Yes.

If any of you feel like dissuading me, now would MOST DEFINITELY BE THE TIME TO DO IT.

ETA: Okay, so now it's a J2 because fucking Sam refused to fucking cooperate.
Tags: ducati, everything is connected, wincest
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