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Of late night walks and smirnoff ices and very poignant ruminations on fandom

ericaplease and I met in person for the first time last night, and one of us has to write a completely squeeful post about it, and it might as well be me, because she must write a ten page technocultural paper, BUT it was wonderful. Even Florence's new kitty chasing me around the house couldn't dull the moment (for the last two hours he's been absolutely DETERMINED to sit in my lap while on top of my computer--maybe I should just let him type the entry since he wants to so badly).

Now she's trying to get me to go to Wincon but I shall remain firm. There shall be no white flag of surrender. That aside, I'm glad that we had flow going (*wink wink* Erica), we hung out until like 1:30 AM so it would've been really bad if we were all...

"So, about them yankees."
"Um, yeah."

But it wasn't like that and now she's meeting us for lunch. Which is a very good thing because apparently she never eats lunch. Don't make me mother hen you, young lady!
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