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Furious without any form of ventilation.

You know what? That's just unbelievable. I'm a smart girl. I get good grades, I wore a fucking gold tassle at my graduation, when I don't know something I look it up. Sometimes I have a hard time because my peers are intellectual giants. This is to be expected. Sometimes I struggle with myself because I set such high standards that I find I'm a continual disappointment.

Believe me, I'm the only one allowed to call me stupid to my face. I think this goes for anybody. Maybe that's ridiculous. Or maybe it's just my way of copping out and saying I'm not gonna stop calling George Bush and NM stupid fucking idiots. But you can bet, I would never say it to their faces. Maybe this makes me a large fucking hypocrite. But, honestly? No one EVER needs to hear that.

It's one thing to say that I'm acting stupid or being obtuse, it's something else to just knock my intelligence. Tell me "I read War and Peace and Das Kapital and can talk about Leviathan figures and that totally makes me smarter than you" and expect me not to flip the fuck out, to, furthermore, call me a child, well I'm sorry, but I think that makes you the big fucking moron who failed "basic practicalities of dealing with people"

And to rejoinder with "Why do you gotta argue?"--um, what the fuck? You think I'm just gonna blithely sit there and go, "yes, you're right I am a dumbass, how funny I never noticed"?

I hope you walk into a doorframe and someone laughs at you and calls you a retard.
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