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albydarned did a Valentine's appreciation hate list, and I thought what a nifty idea! I can do this appreciation thing too. Only for Saint Patrick's day: The day where we are all Irish. Only I actually am Irish. 12% of America is Irish in some shape or form, roughly 84% claim to be Irish when they are in not. In your face NINA

albydarned: You're wicked smart, and doing 8 bajillion things at school at once, and writing truly amazing fic and just generally being awesome. I feel like you and Xtine were making me laugh when I was down even before I hit the friends button.

bananafish: Okay, so, occasionally you make me feel insanely stupid, because you're so smart and you go on about how dumb you are all the time, which is like the biggest lie ever. But I love you, because you're always there for me and we have the same sense of humor and I can tell you anything and you'll probably judge me, but at least you'll make a joke out of it. Yes. And you threatened to tie me to my chair with my sequins once, so that makes you automatically awesome.

brokenbacktango: You and I are so similar, we go fannish and crazy over like 8 million different things. It's excellent. Your entries always make me crack up and you have what is quite possibly the greatest icon collection ever! Why aren't you off writing some humor column somewhere? Go, or I shall sick the little man on you. And never send you CDs again.

cerberos: Because of sleepovers and dance parties and massive amounts of candy. Because of horror movies and chocolate liqueur. Because of the backstreet boys. Because of EVERYTHING I love you endlessly.

izzardwizzard: Because when I'm going crazy I swear to god no one knows how to talk me down like you do. Except for maybe Edward and he’s gay and a math major so that automatically makes him level headed (don’t quote me on this). Not to mention we have the same taste in men—you and I that is, not Edward and I. I could do a list of all the famous actors we both heart, but I think that would be a waste of space and I'd probably embarrass myself and forget some.

klgrem: *big long grabby hugs* You've been with me through thick and thin, Linda. We've had some truly excellent discussions about fandom, politics, music, people, and everything. I hope twenty years down the line we're still friends.

kyuubikitsune: we haven’t been friends for long, but when I was having my whacko nervous break down you stepped right in there and were like settle down, woman! And then you went on to say how great my writing is, which, is probably an exaggeration (and you’ll probably poke me for saying that), but anyway, thanks. I practically owe you my sanity.

entropynchaos: Yay for reccing really good fantasy novels and allowing me to be a dork. I feel like we’ve had tons of conversations that leave me going, hmm, I think I might have to write that.

mytigerhobbes And of course you’re going to be on here, twin darling. Do I even need to tell you all the ways I appreciate you? You make me happy and bouncy and I feel like I can just be myself and eat lots of candy and hug you and and and be even more bouncy and happy. Thanks for reinvigorating my love of all things Japanese too.

perpetualloser: Clearly you aren’t a complete loser if you appear on my list. Because I am just that awesome (this is what I tell myself anyway, it might be, in fact, that you are more of a loser because you’re on my list). We’ve been through a lot from duct taping annoying band boys to telephone poles to listening to Evanescence to attempting to actually meet up. WHICH I STILL THINK IS POSSIBLE. I HAVE A CAR WE LIVE FORTY MINUTES APART WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

riotfox311: Because of the threatening dance of positive vibes! Woo! Actually just because you’re an awesome person with an amazing sense of perseverance with so many great interests (they’re great, of course, because I like them too). I’m really sorry that you’re having a hard time right now, but I love you like whoa! And I’m not as good as you at the threatening dance of positive vibes, but I can do it too.

thothali: Okay, so you aren’t returning my phone calls, which is totally not cool, but since you never returned my phone calls I guess it’s okay. C’mon, did you honestly expect not to be on here? You’re the only person in the world that I can say anything to and not have you go ‘ohmygod, you freak,’ but probably only because that would make you a hypocrite. And you’re family, so, duh, I love you. Anyway, here’s to getting drunk and watching 80s movies with lots and lots of chocolate. And if you don’t call me at some point, I’ll write vampire porn and spam your mailbox with it.

ericaplease: Because you're so sparkly and laid back (which is funny because I’m quite possibly the most high strung person on the planet) and you listened to me bitch for approximately four hours without batting an eye or running for the door. I intend for there to be many many many more visits. And quite possibly some sexing up of James.

whimsicalwonder: You probably won’t read this for another month or so, but I still love you endlessly. Even when you are so much better at making fun of me than I am of you. Although if we counted the number of times you referred to Mr. Senior English Teacher’s posterior as “nice” than I think I may have more material on you than originally thought. One day we are going to rule the world.

xtinethepirate : To my very first Star Wars friend, I wish there weren’t so many miles separating us, because then shipping each other CDs would be easier. If you like the first one a lot I’m fully prepared to send another. Thank you for all the comfort and laughter and compliments and excellent fic. You’re just pretty damn cool, Xtine.

I don't think I forgot anyone, I was very scientific about it. Anyway, smooches to you all for being so wonderful. Perhaps in the next lifetime I'll actually get to see some of you in person.
Tags: are you wearing green? i'm not (oops), sain't paddy's day, they're dying the river green
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