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Of course when I should be working on my Resume my muse siezes me and boots me in the ass!

So I finally finished chapter one of my Wincestuous Sam and Dean get stuck in a 1930s Chicago den of criminals and cops and crime lords. Al Capone has surprisingly taken a vacation, Elliot Ness is chasing after him (unfortunate because he's hot guy in glasses) and thus they have avoided the narrative altogether. But Dean has moved in on the action. You would actually be amazed at how similar the premise is to Johnny Dangerously. You know, avoiding time travel and ailing Irish mothers and pet shops and that whole bit.

Now which of you lovely people wants to step up and beta for me?

ETA: Thankyou, sharpscissors, I shall forever be in your debt
Tags: film noir style, love reign o'er me
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