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So my world isn't coming to an end...

Yesterday was just as warm as it was back home. I nearly peed myself with glee. I was outside with Edward and he looked at me and was like, why are you crying? And I don't know, I just was. I was so worried that I was going to have to hurl myself outside the window when I got back because it was snowy and awful. But I was running around in shorts and a stones t-shirt yesterday and today is the same.

I made Misha read some Sam/Dean fic by strippedpink and she really liked it. Hahah, I'm ingenius, clearly. So I told her I'd send her more porn as we were climbing the stairs back to my room, which is like the worst form of echo chamber, and she replied, "Yeah, I lo--ahem!"

I so win.
Tags: sunshine, the religion of wincest, wincest
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