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Because you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore (by that score I'm kind of namby pamby)

A couple months ago, bungee and I discussed Jared's taste in music. We came to the sad conclusion that we had to disagree over his fondness for Tool, but to prove that I can still be hardcore without Tool I give you: barfight. At the very least la_folle_allure (that amazing creator of fanmixes) should appreciate it, since we're the last bastion against the pop-ravening hoardes.

1. Take It Easy, Chicken – Mansun
Yeah, I'm sick of it
England's shit
It's slashing down
We are drowned

So this has ridiculous lyrics (if only I could enclose all of them) and a nonsense title, but the guitar in this amazing. The intro is just so awesome, I can just see a medium shot of people in long blustery coats walking into a room, weapons in hand, and everybody just being all wide-eyed and whispering internally, "we're doomed!"

2. Laurel Wreath – The Ark
I have never
seen anything like you
My God, you're great
greater than I’d expect

The Ark doesn't usually do songs like this at all, but "Laurel Wreath" has one of those slow builds into pure awesomesauce, once it gets going it really hooks you. Great for driving in the car and just pretending to be the coolest person on the planet.

3. Hate To Say I Told You So – The Hives
Do what I please, gonna spread the disease - because I wanna
Gonna call all the shots
For the 'no's and the 'not's - because I wanna

I always envision this run over a car chase or basically something involving excessive force and a lot of speed. It just conjures up smashing into things. Maybe also I’ve listened to this song too many times with my friends. Hmm.

4. Little Know It All – Iggy Pop
We take from one another
And never stop to wonder
How it feels from the other side
When nothing lasts forever
When stupid turns to clever
Why are you surprised?

Not Iggy's usual fare for sure, but nevertheless serious drum banging and sweet riffs. I spent an entire summer listening to this track nonstop when I just wanted to hurl things at people, therefore you know you want to, too.

5. Destroy Everything You Touch – Ladytron
What you touch, you don't feel
Do not know what you steal
Destroy everything you touch today
Please destroy me this way

I think this might be the only song with a female vocalist that made the list. And she's nowhere near Amy Lee or Meagan Macaulay so don't go thinking that. Anyway a song like this would've made the fight scenes in The Covenant so much cooler than that Christian-Death-Rob-Zombie-I'm-Just-Going-To-Yell-to-close-to-the-mic-alot rot, or maybe not. If a movie with so many hot boys is still laughable I'm guessing it's just unsalvageable.

6. Hysteria – Muse
and I want you now
I want you now
I feel my heart implode
and I'm breaking out
escaping now
feeling my faith erode

Look at the person jump off the building and land on their feet. Pretty awesome, eh? Now look at it again with this song playing over it. The distortion pedal totally owns.

7. Invincible – OK Go
When they finally come to destroy the earth, they'll have to go through you first.
I bet they won't be expecting that.
When they finally come to destroy the earth,
they'll have to deal with you first

This is the ultimate bar fight sung. The percussion fits so well into the way Hollywood orchestrates fights. Ie, here is a punch (suitable loud noise), here is someone being thrown across the bar (suitable loud noise), here is me hitting you with a beer bottle (suitable loud noise). So much better than OK Go's other stuff too. And I like OK Go.

8. Click Click Boom – Saliva
What the hell is wrong with me?
My mom and dad weren't perfect,
but still you don't hear no cryin ass bitchin from me,
like there seems to be on everybody's CD
so just sit back and relax and let me have your head for a minute,
I can show you something in it

I see lots of bullets and exploding glass when I rock out to "Click Click Boom" even if my room mate says that we can't be friends because I like this song. She can suck my proverbial dick. Also I can totally see this song being run over a segment in a Chinese martial arts film—these really beautiful movements, making full use of slo-mo, and then suddenly crashing angry music on top. Magnificent.

9. Getting High – The Stone Roses
I could astound you if I wanted
Wouldn`t even have to try
Saved you if I longed it
But you didn`t wanna see me by

This song was originally by Ian Brown and I really wonder it was like. Just bear through the weirdo Chinese restaurant music intro, I swear it heats up and then the weirdo Chinese restaurant music becomes an ally.

10. Discotheque – U2
You can push
But you cannot direct it
Circulate, regulate, oh no
You cannot connect it

The album that this song is off of is so unlike U2 it’s unbelievable, not my favorite for sure (although not as bad as the critics claim), but it does have some really amazing guitar-driven percussion ruckus-making songs. This is probably my favorite of those.

11. Superhuman – Velvet Revolver
What you get is a crash course to be a man
But a man is a destination never known
Sometimes dressed up like a red hot lady in pumps
Don't think she can get enough

I guess this song proves that GNR does still got it even under a different name (cleverly, with a gun still in the title). The lyrics to this song are retarded, so I guess it also proves that no matter how many years you live it is not always possible to mature. BUT it has amazing guitar, especially in the beginning. Seriously, I can see Cleric Preston doing the gun kattas to this music.

12. Prophecy – Remy Zero
How are you feeling?
You seem a little sick to me now.
This is a coming of the times,
you are a witness to the movement.
If all you're seeing is lies,
you had your chance, but now you’ve blown it.

So the movie I first saw this song in was definitely not an action film, BUT that might have been a misuse on their part. “Prophecy” totally belongs in an action film and it’s so multipurpose that I won’t even apply it to a song.

13. Getaway – The Music
What's it like up there
Do you worry anymore
How's it feel up there
So much left to say

“Getaway” has an entire story to it in my head. Maybe one of these days I'll actually try to write it down or channel it into some form of fandom. We'll see how that goes. In the mean time, this song just rocks, especially when you've got it cranked up to 11. The best part doesn't even come to the last two minutes (which kinda sucks for a six minute song, but it's totally worth it).

14. Get It Faster – Jimmy Eat World
I don't care what you do.
I'm getting out, no nothing ever shames me.
Don't wanna thing from you.
I'm going out, I don't care if you're angry.

So you may think, “Jimmy is not cracked up for good head banging rhythms,” and most of the time you would be right. It was all down hill from their album Clarity. HOWEVER, this song totally proves you wrong. Or at least reveals a hidden depths to the Jimmy. Now if only they'd stop writing sappy emo songs about "taking pain away", that subject is so freakin' tired.

15. Hells Bells – AC/DC
I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine
If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine
See the white light flashing as I split the night
Cos if good's on the left then I'm sticking to the right

Oh, come on, it’s me. Do you honestly expect AC/DC not to be on this list? I’m willing to bet I know AC/DC better than Dean does. Anyway, this more of an, "oh noes, the bad men are coming" song, than an “oooh watch them set each other on fire” type of deal.


Anyway, enjoy Bar fight, all of yuse. I can't see why you wouldn't.
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