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As for the world cup . . .

For a graduation present my dad said he would get us tickets to the world cup in 2006. Well he said he had them, and he lied. Bloody typical that is. Anyway, yesterday I actually went to bed at a reasonable time despite taking a nap for four hours. US history AP looms ever closer (something like 40 ours now, how depressing).

As of right now, I'm sitting in the art room and forcing my fellows to listen to David Bowie and other Glam rock names. Hehehe. I want to do my jeopardy presentation on the glam rock movement. Unfortunately, I think you have to have partners. I don't want a partner. I think I might talk to Mr. Hernandez. I doubt he'll give in though-He's been acting like an ass lately.

to whom it may concern . . .It smells bad in the art spectrum room. Do not go in there.
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