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Ignoring the fact that the internet dies every ten seconds, there must be something good about home

Back at my dad's for Easter. My cell-phone's dead so I can't call my mom and whinge to her about it. I'm genuinely frightened of seeing my grandparents tomorrow. My grandmother has been sending me an e-mail everyday for the past month because she thinks I need moral support. Support for what I'm not sure.

Changing the subject completely to a less a depressing but equally important topic, Dial's White Tea bodywash is awesome. I'm one of those people who are completely allergic to non-hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial soap, so I can never use any of the fancy schmancy stuff I would like to (like the huge fucking bottle of Michael Kors that Kev bought me because that's my perfume *sobs*). Dial is pretty good though, and I adore this new White tea stuff, I can't seem to get enough of tea.

Speaking of Tea, I actually found Honest Tea in a glass bottle today. I got home and popped the top off and...well, it was like a benediction. Who needs the Pope, I've got Peach Oolalong.

And finally, just because I nearly died of laugher: apparently Lindsay Lohan is making her way through the entire cast of ALG, recent rumors put her with Ryan Phillippe. I thought that would at least make albydarned laugh and xtinethepirate twitch a little bit.
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