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Um...just a little embarrassing.

I was just lying on my bed, after spending all morning watching movies and researching medieval crime and generally moping about, and suddenly, I was inspired. So my ballroom dancing fic is actually going to start getting written again. Hurrah.


Let's see how long that lasts.

Also, you don't know who you are, because I haven't told you how pissed off I am and this doesn't count, because you totally don't read this, but I officially wish you a long and painful death. Preferably to face justice at the hands of some King's JP in the 14th SPAIN. So it'll be ultra tortuous. And everyone will be there to watch you die. And they'll laugh and sell pies as they revel in it.

Hahah on you.

I'm off to go eat Turkish food and plot better ways to threaten you.
Tags: ballroom dancing fic, medieval death threats
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