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Please care about my life even when I'm not on the edge of breakdown

The sun is out, I have a bottle of Mountain Dew code red, and if I squint I can pretend it's Hawaiian Punch and thus relive the better days of youth. Tonight is the Saybrook Semi-formal and it's going to be splendiferous, except for the part where Holly refuses to go. It's Friday and she's determined to write her Con Law paper. Seriously? I do not have that devotion.

Why do I have parents that can be so damned difficult but as people are so damned cool! It's a lot harder to be mad at my mom when she appears on public radio to talk about this. Usually, I don't even notice that she has an accent, but I could definitely hear it this time.

The last two photo-shoots that Gemma Ward has done, have left me in complete and utter confusion. I'm not going to include the one with mist and the white clothing, because what's the point of a fashion shoot if you can't see the freakin' clothes they're wearing let alone the person wearing them!

But I digress, this is where modern fashion is going?

Actually I really like these shoes, it's like a reinvention of the sneaker heel in a not quite so objectionable form.


I can't believe it, the powers that be have decided to go back to 16th/17th century Dutch fashion and resuscitate that hat? SERIOUSLY? Can we please leave it to the Vermeer painting? Also, Gemma's obviously fake blonde hair is not very flattering.

Just in case you thought I was joking about the hair.

I think the only thing I find objectionable about this one (because the skirt and the gloves are really awesome, though I'd never where them at the same time) is the ginormous visor! Black jack dealer chic! Now all we need is those ruffled arm-bands, an ill-fitting tight fest, and a deck of cards. Woo.

The expression on her face is too comical for words. But whatever, I swear I saw this hat in an episode of Ugly Betty. Only, it was meant to make someone look ridiculous not epitomize haute couture. Oh man. I clearly missed a memo somewhere, but if I start seeing these outfits on ordinary Janes in the next year, I honestly think I may have to jump out a building.

Well, Happy Friday the thirteenth! Here's some good luck for you!

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