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The suit has been resurrected

Meredith and I, in our truly lesbionic exhibitionist fashion, went to the Saybrook Semi-formal together on Friday. It was, somewhat amazingly, amazing, even with people spilling their tequila sunrises and their vodka and cokes all over the floor. The ice cubes were actually quite hazardous. Meredith and I were good little girls, we stuck to Shirley Temples and ice chips.

And we rocked the dance floor.

I'm being very naughty groping Meredith.

Edward looking all sweet and cotton candy and me looking like a right sleazebag. Sigh.

Us being pretty spectacular at the dance.

So awhile ago, some of you may remember that I got spectacularly drunk on a Monday at my friend Lexi's birthday party. The reason this is important is that it was the first time, all year, that I'd been drunk on campus.

Meredith and I once again being Lesbionic exhibitionists. One time we pretended to make out in a car at the movie theater, we're just that lame. It didn't get very far because we bumped foreheads. Sigh Sigh.

Kaley, GO EASY!

Blue eye-liner and Lauren's kissy-face of doom. Kaley looking on in silent agrievement.

The birthday girl herself.

Being a little too ridiculous. Meredith labeled my cup, and I, on my 7th drink of the night, was very enamoured of it.

Lauren expostulating. Actually more like, "I told you to cut me off--I'm at drink ten at this point. Stop me already!" Seriously, I was like why are you letting me drink this and then I would take a giant frickin' swig and fall all over the place.

Kaley said she looked really ugly, so I did her a favor and covered her face up for the photo.

Saturday wasn't nearly so awesome, but it did involve The Goonies and lots of candy and taking my brothers to see "Meet the Robinsons" in 3-D.
Tags: alcoholic wastage, friday the thirteenth, meet the robinsons, pictures, semi-formal, yale
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