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Inundated by mixes!

Katie's, that is to say, brokenbacktango's mix arrived today. It was so unexpected and lovely, since I haven't sent her hers yet (don't hate me) and even though I'm very very very disturbed by the fact that she prefers a WALLFLOWERS cover of DAVID BOWIE, I shall enjoy it anyway.

And then Edward's group for the YPMB scavenger hunt asked me to make them a mix CD, and then Caity was like, "WHAT! You're MY suitemate! You must make me one!"--so basically I'm being fought over by the marching band for music. It's kind of awesome.


Quick shout out to maypirate, I have no idea what's going on, which is why I didn't feel I had the right to comment, but feel better, okay, darling?
Tags: band scavenger hunt, mix, presents
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