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I am what I am, and if you don't like it, I probably hate you for it

Why are you friends with me? No seriously. According to sources who shall remain unnamed, I'm a deplorable person who makes life intensely difficult for everyone else. And furthermore, I refuse to change.

There are certain truths to being me and they won't go away.

I'm going to love AC/DC, and Pulp, and David Bowie for as long as I live, and I will sing along, and I will blast it in the car, and I won't let you have control of my iPod.

I'm going to love Christian Bale, probably even if he starts up a cult and says crazy shit ala Tom Cruz. And I'm going to maintain that Hayden Christensen and Wentworth Miller are gay until I'm blue in the face.

I wear eye-liner everyday and if my hair ever gets longer than my shoulders, it's only because I'm stranded on a desert island without scissors or hair-dresser (which does beg the question, do they shave on Lost? I've never watched it, but I have noticed the absense of scraggly beards).

I'm a bleeding-heart liberal and I'm vocal about it, and yes I probably will look down on you just a little bit for not agreeing with me. But hey, at least I admit it.

The majority of my wardrobe is black or blue or grey, and when I went through it last night with my suitemate I realized I only had one shirt that was a warm color, and it was an undershirt. I own more black bras than I own white ones.

I hate Jack Johnson and American Idol, and once again, I'm gonna think you're just a little bit crazy for liking them too. I'm sorry, but I know my music taste is the most awesome in the world, and I'm unrepentant.

I like eating food without care of being healthy, and honestly, I'd love to be skinnier, but this is okay too.

If you look bad in an outfit in the dressing room, I will tell you. Wouldn't you rather know than walk around looking like a doofus?

I will write gay porn about multiple sets of brothers, Masters and Padawans, enemies, bandmates, actors, companions, doctors and their captains, superheroes, teens, and Englishmen. I dare you to try and stop me.

I hate feet. I don't care how pretty your toes are, I hate feet. I don't want to see them unless I have to.

I am never going to like rain, stop trying to get me to admit how beautiful it is. Conversely, I will laugh at you for thinking thunder and lightning is scary. Those are beautiful.

I'm a firm believer that everything can be made more awesome with a little bit of glitter.

Coffee is gross. Hot tea is meh. It's all about iced tea. I drink three glasses of home-made iced tea every day and I once drank a restaurant out of it. Honest Tea is the only bottled tea I'm willing to buy.

The only reason I'd ever want to be a guy would be to wear a suit. Preferably pinstriped. Boys who wear khaki pants with blue blazers and loafers are losers (this is about everybody who attends my school).

I call myself a fashionista, but just about the only things I'm willing to buy designer are shoes and make-up. (Urban Dekay, Benefit, Nars, and Lancome played a significant role in making me the person I am today).

It would not be me if I didn't own at least one pair of converse at all times. When I started college, I had three. One pairt that was black with white writing, one pair that was just black, and one pair of chuck taylors that are also just black. I'm a big fan of black.

I go to Yale not because I'm a blue blood, but because I was just a little too freaky about learning and school, and because I'm overly interested in Gothic architecture. This actually describes the majority of my classmates.

Chocolate is overrated and the only time I find it any good is when it has lots of other nuts mixed in.

I like San Francisco better than New York City. Always have, always will. I like Chicago better than I like New York City. Always have, always will.

Enlighten me, what are the truths about you?
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