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"Best use of a Thursday ever" - Meredith

cerberos, mytigerhobbes, and I all went to see Spoon last night. They were so fucking amazing. And I know I'm a complete loser for this, but it just made me happy how gay Britt Daniels was. He was totally checking out this one boy standing just ahead of Meredith and I who was tall and blond. Oh Britt.

Then Meredith and I went to play soccer at midnight with the boys from my dorm. It was awesome. Even if I lacked a sports bra and Henry kicked me really hard in the knee and my entire leg is radiating pain. He also kicked me in the shin. Jeez, Henry, stop with the abuse already.

To all of you who participated in the real truths thing I had going last time, I LOVE YOU. Endlessly.
Tags: it's gay everywhere, spoon
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