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Bleh, who cares about my final paper or my Japanese?

Succumbed to boredom and this is what resulted--I haven't been terribly interested in listening to anything deliriously
happy when my nose feels like the skin's been sanded off. So I bring you the mix for those of us who like to emo without
being emo. ericaplease, if you don't download all of this I shall glare at my computer screen. Just a warning.

1. No End – The Ark
You've got some kind of dirt on your shoulder
Blood in your eyes
No surprises
So tell me again what the future is like
It’s me and it's you, a porch and a stool
Let's find out what the state supplies for aging fools
Would I lie to you?

This band has probably the most powerful lyrics of anybody I’ve ever come across, and as someone who pays a good deal of attention to lyrics that’s a major compliment. It was almost difficult to choose a song of theirs for this, but this is one of the most bittersweet without being secretly filled with rage. Someday I can only hope for someone to feel this way about me.

2. Sort it Out – Caesars
I wanna smoke crack
Cos you're never comin back
I wanna shoot speedballs
Bang my head against the walls
I wanna sniff glue
Cos I can't get over you

I feel like this song is kind of making fun of Taking Back Sunday and all the rest of those bands that are like, “I CAN’T BREATHE WITHOUT YOU, OH NOES HERE’S A GUN, I’M GOING TO USE IT BUT WHINE ABOUT IT A LOT FIRST.”

3. My Own Worst Enemy – De / Vision
I'm my own worst enemy
If only I could just explode
Like a dying star
In a blaze of lights

De / Vision is excellent for angsty songs. However, this one describes how I often feel about myself: simply unable to measure up. So of course I had to choose it.

4. Suffer Well – Depeche Mode
Something's changed and it's in your eyes
Please don't speak, you'll only lie
I found treasure not where I thought
Peace of mind can't be bought
Still I believe

So I’m not a big fan of religion, which ironically, my favorite band, Depeche Mode spends an extraordinary amount of time talking about, but this song is powerful nonetheless and kind of mellow for them. It’s not quite as moving as “Precious”, but I feel like all y’alls should know that one already.

5. The Universal – Blur
Yes, the futures been sold
Every night were gone
And to karaoke songs
How we like to sing along
though the words are wrong

I should like to mention that I have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE what this song is about. However, it’s got a very sweet violin thing going, so even if I’m not smart enough for this song I can still enjoy it.

6. Numb – Sia
Began an end today
Gave and got given
You made a friend today
Kindred soul cracked spirit

Hoo, if you guys ever saw the scene in Nip/Tuck where this song was played, you know it packs a punch. Sia is kind of amazing like that.

7. Nobody Has to Stay – Mirah
It is the evening of the days
Where we have chosen to remain
And while you hurt with all that pain
The stars will kiss your pretty face

Mirah’s voice is very simple yet beautiful. So much of what she does just sort of wipes me down to nothing. If any of you ever get a hold of Joyride: the remixes, you won’t regret it (or if you ask me to I can upload them for you).

8. Sleep Together – Garbage
Make me a pretty person
Make me feel like I belong
Make me hard and make me happy
Make me beautiful

Ah, Garbage is pretty damn emotional actually, but they were pre-emo and Shirley sings about girl problems, not “why haven’t I ended my life yet? Oh right, then I wouldn’t be able to sing this fucking ridiculous song.”

9. Give You Back – Vertical Horizon
I can't remember how it went
You looked like everything I wanted
And as you came along
Slowly everything began to change
I got you now

So I’m a little unclear as to what exactly he wants do with his girlfriend—take out a return policy on her? Eh whatever, it sounds nice and the piano is good.

10. It’s Better to Have Loved – Temposhark
And I find myself questioning all that I have done
And I’m trying to press the button to rewind
And I find myself whispering ‘There’s more I could have done’
And I wish I had the option to rewind

I found this song because Guy Sigsworth, Imogen Heap’s former writing partner, remixed it. It’s very very very very sad. Maybe a little too sad (the LP cover is a black rose). Unfortunately nothing else that Temposhark ever did even came to close to how awesome this song was.

11. Still Standing – Vedera
They're building hate today
I see it in the eyes of every passing gaze
They're calling your name today, you've won

So this is a political song. An awesome political song. This band is so underrated. I beg you all to listen. It’s a female fronted band, and she’s got such a powerful voice that even though their lyrics are pretty commonplace it’s still a lot of fun. Well, not fun. This is an emo mix. Oh I give up.

12. I Can Only Disappoint U – Mansun
The queens they all loved you, my doll shot to fame
The same as the psychos, always
And here, a faltered gun in my hand
And you, with piggies scrawled on your wall
And tonight, her note said better off dead
And the earth has never moved for me since

This is probably one of Mansun’s most famous songs. There’s a reason for that, obviously. Musically it’s very special, and even if Mansun’s lyrics are often special in a special-ed kind of way, this one actually kind of makes sense to the normal human being.

13. Return to Me – Matthew Ryan
I have been the worst of kinds
A sorrowed heart
A cluttered mind
And I'm thinkin' that I could change this
That I could change this
But I can't change this

I played this song like 80 times on the way up to Davis. It’s both a driving song and a sad song. Anybody who can manage both is awesome.

14. Wake Up Dead Man – U2
Jesus, were you just around the corner
Did You think to try and warn her
Or are you working on something new
If there's an order in all of this disorder

Talk about depressing. This is another political post-apocalyptic type song. Well, it’s U2, obviously they’re talking about starving children and dying innocents. It’s what they do. Unfortunately for them, the album this song is off of didn’t do well commercially, which really is too bad because this song is sooo worth it. Actually I think a lot of the songs off of Pop are worth it. But I mean it with this one.

15. Go – Sparklehorse
yes life's a bowl of cherries
you can have as many as you can carry
and someone once said that life is like a cow
but i don't know how that applies

So this one isn’t really sad just nostalgic and reminiscing. I think everybody should have it, so of course I squeezed it into this mix. It was a sad day indeed when Sparklehorse stopped recording.

16. It Can’t Come Quickly Enough – Scissor Sisters
We knew all the answers
And we shouted them like anthems
Anxious and suspicious
That God knew how much we cheated

What? Scissor Sisters can be serious and not be talking about drugs? Well actually this probably is about drugs and I just haven’t caught the reference yet, but, in any event, play this song at my funeral, would you?

17. Faith in Me – Pole Folder
If you had a little faith in me
I'd have faith in myself
The sun is staring me in the face
But I don't want for anything else

I don’t really have words for this one. You’ll just have to listen. She has a similar quality to Mirah and Sia.

18. Pictures of Success – Rilo Kiley
I've had it with you
And mexico can fucking wait
And all of those french films about trains
Cause I'm not scared
But I'd like some extra spare time
I'm not scared
But the bills keep changing colors

What kind of person would I be if Rilo Kiley wasn’t on here? I guess somebody who didn’t like them. But I do, and anybody who can say fuck you to french films (although I don't know if she's talking Rogopag or Lumiere or what) deserves my unending love. I swear if I ever have another class like closer analysis of film I'll start writing emo to rival the All-American Rejects.

Enjoy, mes ami.
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