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How did I manage that? I actually finished my paper!

I had to say goodbye to cerberos today, and it really drove home how this is the end of the year. Ack! It's hard because Meredith really was one of the best parts of second semester. She's so at home in life and accepting of her position of it that it's truly awe-inspiring. Not to mention she makes me laugh and we can do the penis pony (better not ask) and exchange music and squee over stuff together. Sometimes I worry that I'm driving her insane, because I drive myself insane, so how could I not do the same to her, BUT she seems pretty excepting of my nuttiness. Although perhaps one day it shall all come bursting out and I shall have to run and hide. Also, I'm totally stealing her mother.

After she left Kaley and I had dinner and then hiked up science hill in the darkness. It was such a nice night and we found Farnam Memorial Park (amazing little place by the way). I looked at my watch and was like, AWWW fuck, of course I managed to miss Supernatural. A little ridiculous because I spent the entire day being like there will be nothing to stop me seeing this come hell and highwater.

Oh sigh.

Love you all. And I'm going, going, back to Cali, Cali. See you on flip side, bitchez.
Tags: amazing, nostalgia, science hill, spn
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