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Pandemonium: I truly love that word

What a day yesterday was. Mostly it was good, I got to drive to Wethersfield while I listened to Savage Garden, and it was a nice feeling. Connecticut is so pretty during the late spring. It's just the winters that are savage.

Then, just after I did my whole sibling meta, my step mom MADE me put my brother to bed. He hates going to bed like the plague, and he's almost eleven. Seriously, I was sitting there holding him down until he calmed down enough for me to give him a back rub. She said it was the first time he went solidly down for sleep. I was a little freaked, I mean first time in eleven years? Clearly you're doing something wrong, woman.

And of course my day wasn't finished there it became a HORROR. I have nightmares fairly frequently. Usually I don't remember them, but my room mate tells me I have them a lot! Anyway, last night I had a positively chilling dream that all of my eljay friends decided they hated me and weren't going to be friends with me, and were going to stalk me in my house. It was all people whose usernames I've never even heard of before. BUT STILL. I'm not even sure why it was so bad. It just was.

Well, whatev, it's over now. Hopefully most of you still love me.
Tags: retarded step moms, savage garden
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