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*cough* I swear I'm not a mental patient

So ericaplease and I are kind of nuts. When we go onto AIM, bad shit just happens. But at least it's hilariously weird bad shit!

fourfreedoms: Now I shall make you beta my stories
fourfreedoms: and I shall make them perfectly awful
fourfreedoms: and you will sit there and cry
ericaplease: ahahahahahaha
fourfreedoms: and I will cackle and laugh
ericaplease: *cry!*
fourfreedoms: "Jensen waved his monster penis at Jared in the most enticing manner, Jared couldn't help but fall to his feet and begin suckling it"
fourfreedoms: oh
ericaplease: lmao
fourfreedoms: I laugh at my own jokes
ericaplease: omg lmao
ericaplease: k sorry
ericaplease: i was on the phone with my mom
ericaplease: and i read that and died laughing
ericaplease: and she was like, WHAT IS IT? WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?
fourfreedoms: oh god
fourfreedoms: "Um...nothing mom"
ericaplease: lol
ericaplease: also, i love that you said "suckling"
fourfreedoms: well sucking isn't gross
ericaplease: best image EVER
fourfreedoms: suckling?
fourfreedoms: *CRINGES AND DIES*
ericaplease: ahahahahahah!
fourfreedoms: when people get suckled
fourfreedoms: I want to kill myself
ericaplease: ahahahahahaha
fourfreedoms: now I'm imagining Jensen lassoing Jared with his dick
ericaplease: lmfao aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
ericaplease: omg
ericaplease: that is so weird
ericaplease: *clutches head*
fourfreedoms: I was laughing at the image
fourfreedoms: and MY mother thought I laughing at her
fourfreedoms: so she contined with the really bad joke she was making
fourfreedoms: and I can't be like
fourfreedoms: oh no, I'm laughing at Jensen lassoing people with his penis
ericaplease: *sporflesporfle*
fourfreedoms: oh dear
ericaplease: to do so would require a very long, floppy penis.
fourfreedoms: that's kind of the magic of it
fourfreedoms: Look Jared, you're halfway across the room
ericaplease: lmfao
ericaplease: ahahahahahaha
ericaplease: ahahhhhhhhh
fourfreedoms: people can ask him at cons now, "How do you fit that thing in your pants"
ericaplease: he has to tie it up with a string or something.
fourfreedoms: and he will say, "I wrap it around my waist four and a half times"
ericaplease: lmfao
ericaplease: lmao
ericaplease: oh. my. god.
ericaplease: *dies*

I'm on cough suppressant, but Erica, she has no excuse.
Tags: crack, j2, suckling
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