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Calling all Batfans!

Now that I'm back home I can actually start painting again, which is a blessing, even if I was supposed to get canvasses today and my mother totally ran off with the car. Evil woman.

Right, so, I'm doing a series of comic pieces, not in the sense of Roy Lichtenstein, because I don't intend to sell any of it, and I completely intend to give credit where it's due. So, Batfans on my f-list, GIMME ANY AND ALL PICTURES THAT SOMEHOW PORTRAY BATMAN WITH A DEAD ROBIN. I can't find anything high quality, which is annoying to say the least.

Meh, anyway I was rewatching Mallrats last night, and truly, I do love that movie, I'd almost forgotten how much, but Brodie on the game floor and with Stan Lee--serious genius. So I'm watching it, and all of a sudden I'm struck by the realization that Jason Mewes? Is actually attractive, hot even. Who would've thunk it.

You guys realize this is Jay of the Jay and Silent Bob fame? My question is: how is this guy in the least attractive? BUT HE IS. Or at least to me. Maybe it was just his long hair scaring me away before.
Tags: batman, jason mewes, mallrats
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