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*deep breath* All will be well, oh fuck that, I don't believe that!

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. DAMN IT.

I should just like to note that while I'm seriously fucked in the head, I'm probably not as fucked in the head as this journal would lead you to believe. Mostly because I seem to post in it whenever I am unhappy rather than the other way around. It must be a good thing if being Unhappy is considered an event in my life (that is to say, rather than a regular occurence).

BUT DAMN IT. I am so freakin' frustrated. And I'm also sitting upstairs in nothing but a towel waiting for my landlady to get out of the basement so I can go get to my clothes. As young, nubile, and attractive as I am *coughs half to death* I have no wish to loiter around naked where there are windows without freakin' curtains. BLAH.
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