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I gots cranberry Juice and I gots nothing to do

What does Lauren do when she's bored and annoyed at her mother? She goes shopping. I am now the proud owner of new jeans, new DVDs(steadily making my way through C-Bale's entire ouvre--well only the good ones), new shirts, new shoes, and a new sweater. All I have to do now is hit the bookstore and my mother and I should be able to stand each other again. Or I should be able to stand her.

This is not an acceptable coping method. Or at least, not according to my bank account. I'm actually quite happy with it.

PS: Nathan Fillion is an excellent Gynecologist in The Waitress. I now desperately want to write Mal/Simon porn. Where Mal is still the captain and not a gynecologist. Just to clarify.
Tags: questionable coping methodology, shopping
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