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And so the start of my connecticut summer begins . . .

So I arrived on Wednesday very late, but that was okay I suppose. Alison picked me up at the airport and then the idiotic airport staff didn't tell us what baggage claim I was on, and thus several harried minutes ensued with people from Chicago rushing around, "which baggage claim are we on! I NEED my bags, I've got to get to my kids/niece/aunt/dog/son/brother/husband/pet rock . . ." you get the idea. Finally it was all sorted out.

Yesterday was my brother's bday party. I'm sure you can guess the horrifying mess of nine year olds that was. Okay maybe not so much horrifying as exasperating and somewhat draining. But despite a couple tense moments over water breaks and whether or not pegging was allowed, all was pretty much okay. I will say this, I do not understand young boys' desires to inflict pain upon themselves and others. At all.

Today I got up very late (going to bed at 5:00 am will do that to you kids) and went straight to the bookstore. I was too exhausted to wait in the huge queue gathering for Harry Potter. So I simply didn't. Anyway went to the book store, got the book, picked up some more acrylic paint and a couple of canvasses and now I'm at my grandparent's place.

Next on the schedule is a Humphrey Bogart film at the York Square theatre which is closing after tonight. I saw the Life Aquatic there for the third time over spring break. It's just sorta been there, the story is when my parents could still tolerate each other they used to go there twice a week for the movies.

to whom it may concern . . .I'm REALLY FRIGGIN' TIRED take pity on me and it's REALLY official . . .the people in this god forsaken state could care less about me and the people back home could come moderately close. I'm sorry to rant, but I STILL EXIST.
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