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Meet me in front of Old Navy, we'll rule the world

We actually did it, I'm kinda amazed. maypirate and I actually got together, and it was wonderful. There was no shoving under trolleys. Possibly because we weren't near any. But nobody got shoved off the cliffs when we were at San Gregorio, either, so maybe there was just no desire for shoving period.

We ate a lot of good food and drank a lot of iced tea (okay, is this in anyway not the usual for me?), we gossipped and squeed and laughed at the clothing in H + M and drove like freakin' everywhere. I'm just sad it ended. I hoped you liked my ADD, May. I couldn't help it.

Also, apparently I'm intimidating. People on my f-list (not counting people who have known me since the 8th grade because, according to them, I'm most easily described as mildly retarded), am I intimidating? I don't feel intimidating. I feel pretty much like a dumbass.
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