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We seem to be in need of some music...

A lot of you on my F-list are fans of glam rock. So this may or may not be of interest to you. Anyway, David Bowie and other glam rock act’s hits get thrown around a lot, so I decided to make a mix of glam rock artists or neo-glam rock artists who don’t get enough attention or songs by the top acts that languish in relative obscurity. So, enjoy.

1. Fox on the Run by Sweet
You, you talk about just every band
But the names you drop are second hand
I've heard it all before
I don't wanna know your name
Cause you don't look the same

You may know these guys from their song “Ballroom Blitz,” their other songs are almost nothing like that awesome track, but they’re still awesome, just in a different way.

2. Just Another Night by Mott the Hoople
His old man spent a fortune just to get him in
But baby boy growed up just as stupid as him
And its just another night
Its just another night
Its just another night on the other side of life

So if you in fact know who Mott the Hoople is, it’s probably for “All The Young Dudes” or their version of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane,” which I will swear come hell and high water is better than Lou’s own. Anyway, this song used to make me feel better about life. And the lyrics are brilliant if you ever stop to listen to them. Ian Hunter never got enough attention as a lyricist.

3. Beauty and the Beast by David Bowie
Someone fetch a priest
You cant say no to the beauty and the beast

This song is what my layout is based around, if that sheds any light. “Heroes” has a lot of weird experimental music-making on it, but this song shouldn’t be overlooked the way it is because it is trés brilliance.

4. It Ain’t Easy by David Bowie
When you climb to the top of the mountain
Look out over the sea
Think about the places perhaps, where a young man could be
Then you jump back down to the rooftops
Look out over the town
Think about all of the strange things circulating round

This is another song I adore by Bowie that nobody knows if they only go buy the greatest hits collection. All the more reason not to do stuff like that, because then you miss songs like this one.

5. One Way Ticket by The Darkness
The first line hit me like a kick in the face
Thought I better have another just in case
Next thing i knew my heart was under attack
Bought a one way ticket to hell....

My room mates love The Darkness, well particularly their one hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”, I know this because every time we had a dance party they freakin’ made me play it. And I used to like the song, so you can imagine how many times I must have heard it. “One Way Ticket”, once you get past the weirdo minute long introduction is an awesome-sauce song with a great guitar riff, I think Dean might listen to this if someone foisted modern music upon him especially as it it’s about an age-old topic, cocaine.

6. Oh Yeah by Roxy Music
And so came to be our song
And so on through all summer long
Day and night drifting into love
Driving you home from a movie show
So in tune to the sounds in my car

I give this song to practically everybody I make a mix for (that is, if they don’t already have it), because honestly, this song makes me happy nostalgic and sappy and whatever else.

7. Flesh and Blood by Roxy Music
My friend's flesh and blood
She lies overtime
You'd nail her if you could
But she says
Love me for my mind

Sit up and pay attention chickadees. This is the song that should’ve been on the soundtrack to my life meme thingy-dingy that turned out so ridiculously awful.

8. Gimme Danger by Iggy Pop
Now if you will be my lover
i will shiver insane
but if you can be my master
i will do anything

Admittedly not my favorite by him, but it’s a sentiment that I would totally espouse if I was as cool as I pretend I am. Unfortunately, I’m not. But I demand that you listen anyway.

9. Ride A White Swan by T. Rex
Wear a tall hat like a druid in the old days
Wear a tall hat and a tatooed gown
Ride a white swan like the people of the Beltane
Wear your hair long, babe you can't go wrong

You’ve heard “Bang a Gong (Get it On)” and “Children of the Revolution,” I hope anyway. But one time I was in the Haight in Cheap Thrills, that purveyor of mindless paraphernalia, and the cashier actually demanded that I go buy the album this song is off of and then write a three page report on it. Admittedly, he was higher than a kite at the time and later said, “I’m high on a ladder, get it?” but his drug addled senses still had good taste in music. Also, Marc Bolan obviously had some pretty weird shit going on of his own if you ever go over his lyrics.

10. Kick It (feat. Iggy Pop) by Peaches
used to slash myself up
I like to play it tough
Cuts, bruises, blood and there's bottles breaking rough
You gotta handle that stuff.

Not quite a glam song, but Iggy is precious on it, so it’s worth owning and I like to believe that all the genius of this song is due to him, but I know all of his best stuff was actually written by Bowie, so that’s probably not the case, but I WILL STILL DREAM.

11. This Piece of Poetry is Meant To Do Harm by The Ark
No, take your words and take your vows
Take your flake-fuelled buddhist bows
Let the cool winds roughly shake
out all darling buds of fake

Pretty much the best dressing down in the history of dressing downs. If only I could speak to everybody who pissed me off like this.

12. Clamour for Glamour by The Ark
People here in your neighbourhood
Act real cool but they dance no good
I don’t care but I’ve been told
That all those people ain’t got no soul
I kick them where the sun don’t shine
And take you down to my side of town
I don’t care what the others say
When I’ve found a new game to play

Well duh, it’s a glam rock mix, of course this song is going to be in here. I’m a big fan of the guitars and percussion of this. Heheh, also it’s funny. Next time I’m at a school dance I shall do the same.

13. Sally Can’t Dance by Lou Reed
She was the first girl that I ever seen
that had flowers painted on her jeans
She was the first girl in her neighborhood
who got raped on Tompkins Square, real good
Now she wears a sword, like Napoleon
and she kills the boys and acts like a son

So if I was going to put “Street Hassle” on here, but that song is seriously ten minutes long. And Lou Reed reveals himself to be an immature little boy on it, so I decided this one was just more fun to listen to although if you actually focus on what Lou’s saying you might not think so.

14. The Hall of Mirrors by Louis XIV
I look at the wall and the others the same
When I ask, "Who is God?"
something echoes my name
So beautiful, chauvinistic, and vain
I call it true love, but you call me insane

Okay, this song has THE BEST lyrics on the planet. I dare you to disagree with me. I will beat you down with this song. It’s also impossible to be in a bad mood with this song playing what with all the foot tapping and head bobbing you’ll do.

15. Louis XIV by Louis XIV
Well I'm a weapon of mass destruction
Got no apologies for a hyper concussion
I might swipe your identity
Take your love and turn it into obscenity

This song appears to be a theme with this band, by which I mean vanity and narcissism. The vocal distortion is a little strange on this song, but it works with the guitars so feel free to ignore it and just enjoy how awesome this song is.

16. Do Ya by The Move
Well I, heard the crowd singin’ out of tune,
As they, sat and sang Auld Lang Syne by the light of the moon
I heard the preachers bangin’ on the drums,
And I heard the police playin’ with their guns
But I never heard nothin like you.

So some of you might recognize this song from Electric Light Orchestra, and you would because Jeff Lynne used to be with The Move and he took this song with him when he left ELO. Anyway, I’m hard pressed to decide between the two songs, but all true ELO fans should have this song.

17. Everyday by Slade
And it won't even show
And no-one will know
One little wave
To say you'll behave
It won't even show
How far love can go.

So most of what Slade does is pretty ridiculous particularly “My Oh My,” but this song actually expresses emotion rather than some rather twisted and badly phrased sentiment that I am completely disinterested in.

18. Bicycling with the Devil by Scissor Sisters
I rode the bicycle of the devil
Driving straight to hell
The bicycle of the devil will take you straight to hell.

All you hardcore Scissor Sisters fans may not have heard this one. I was a little hesitant about putting lyrics down because listening to this song is often so much fun to be surprised with (well it’s not surprise, more of “wtf?”), but then I wasn’t sure if you’d listen or whatnot. I don’t know. If you people have any sense of humor you will download this song. Right now.

Anyway, have fun with all the glitter and posturing my dears. Later this week I'm planning on having my response to an absolutely god awful CD a friend of mine made me. Hopefully, hopefully, we can re-educate them.
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