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Um, whoops?

Been sort of absent because I've been working my ass off at Nordstrom's. It's a mixture of both the insane and the hilarious and sometimes the down right awful.

Today a woman in a little motorized wheel chair push cart thingy came breezing in the store. While she was zipping along she hooked herself on a swimsuit rack and then just carried the entire thing off with her. Dragged more like. Best of all, inspite of the loud clang and the abrasive noise as she dragged the metal rack stuffed with Diane Von Furstenburg bathing suits across fifty feet of marble, was that she didn't even notice and we, the poor women's active staff, had to chase after her shouting "Come back, for the love of god, before you hurdle through the women's sale shoes and the entire first floor explodes."

Oh what a day.

But albydarned and I met on Tuesday. And that totally made the world.

Alby, sticking her hand in places it's not supposed to go.

Alby being pretty and candid

Me trying not to crack up, but mostly looking stupid next to Alby.

I wish I could see her expression behind the camera, it looks fearsome.

The fountain of the MLK memorial.

Alby through the fountain

Classy, Alby, in the memorial too

And my personal favorite of her being prettyful.

There were more, alot more actually, but my camera is sort of hating me for the whole dropping it part.
Tags: albydarned, old ladies on cars of doom, pictures, rantage, san francisco
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