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I'm a sad, sad girl

Many things happened yesterday. My employment with the evil empire of doom otherwise known as Nordstrom ended. A whole two hours early, I might add. Hopefully my salary arrives soon.

Then it was fun stuff for the rest of the day--ice tea drinking, candy eating, movie watching brilliance. With the lovely bananafish and the equally lovely ericaplease. Although in two separate incidences. And while I mourn the fact that I missed seeing F4 part deux, life does go on.

Also I had a slight meltdown when I looked at my music. I haven't really gotten into a band in a long time. I need something new. I've been listening to Foo Fighters alot recently, but I certainly wouldn't call them amazingly talented. This time last year I was running New Order and Goldfrapp nonstop. HELP ME, F-List.
Tags: f4, movies, music
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