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A great and terrible beauty

I'm supposed to be writing my autobiography in japanese right now. Basically it's all bullshit. It has moments of my brother's coming into the world and that deranged period in which the Spice Girls was my favorite band--where there should be stories of high rises and good restaurants and sliding down the giant circular window in the bloomingdale building 40 stories up. It's funny how the fear of nothing being there can actually make us lose our balance more than the fact that it's narrow and gravity is pulling on you. When we walk we take up relatively little space on both sides.

Wow that was strange. Reign of Fire arrived last night via netflix. It's a horrible movie, but Christian Bale parades around shirtless and that's always been a love of mine. I bought peacock feather earrings on Saturday, and was going to where them today but it rained. Bedraggled peacock earrings are not my idea of fun. While normally this seems like a fairly trivial happening, "oh she can't where her peacock feather earrings", it's just one more reason why I hate rain.

All my roses are dying. They've all got some terrible disease which is beyond my powers to combat. I cut two diseased buds off on Sunday and they were vivid red. I didn't think they'd every bloom, so I just stuck them in some water inside the house. When I got home yesterday I looked up and there were these perfectly brilliant red roses open as wide as they could go. I wonder if that's a metaphor for life.

to whom it may concern . . .my fingers hurt
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