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Well, that's either entirely narcissistic or really really damn stupid

I was really bored this evening, I started a wash on an acrylic painting, and I was waiting for it to dry, so I figured, hey I'll go back through spnstoryfinders and see what's going on there. I'm going through entries and suddenly this one catches my eye. Sam and Dean investigate a case where people go missing and get sent back in time to the 30s and I'm thinking, whoa this sounds awesome. Sam as DA, Dean as Mobster--that's like all of my kinks right there.

And I scroll down and it says, FOUND, "Love Reign O'er Me" by fourfreedoms and I'm like. WHAT THE? So there I was, all intrigued by this story only to find out I wrote it myself. I'm such a retard. Anyway, I thought all of you should know so you could share in the laughter.
Tags: love reign o'er me
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