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I don't know what I'm supposed to say to you, No, don't go?

My mom and I saw Sicko today and I jokingly said maybe she should go back to the Netherlands, because she has severe psoriatic arthritis, god knows it would be cheaper to get her treatment there. And she was quiet for a moment and then said, "I'm really thinking of it."

And it's so hard for me. Everyday my faith in this country is tested, and I want to tell her there is something to stay for. I believe in this country and everything it fought for, but I'm afraid it just started to lose it's way after December 1963, when Kennedy died. We don't have free health care, we don't have a good public transportation system, we don't have gun control. What we do have is the death penalty, the fundamentalist right, abstinence and creationism-only classes in school, no child left behind and ever increasing costs of higher education, a huge war debt, and finally--my personal favorite because it leads to inflated crime--economically unreasonable illegal drug laws.

Lets not forget Ann Coulter. Even that idiot in the oval office has a filter between his brain and his mouth that works occasionally.

So mom, I know there's no reason for you to stay, especially since there seems to be no love lost between you and the country you've made your home for the last 25 years, but could you anyway?
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