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A little song I wrote...

Stayed up 'til 5 AM watching Midnight Special. God I wish we had something like that today. But then it would probably all be bands that suck anyway. Oh the state of popular music. However, young Stevie Nicks was gorgeous, albeit completely insane, as was Marc Bolan (insane, gorgeous not so much). Hee. I love classic rock. I understand now why Robert saw these and was like OHMYGOD I have to have it.

It was a good cap to my evening. Xochitl's a really good thrift store shopper, she came back with a pinstripe blazer and gold skimmers for me. I'm in love. Unfortunately I still have not located a purse that I want to wear. Christ. I'll be carrying my ratty white leather one around until the end of time.

Well, I'm leaving in a few hours, I'm going to go drink some more wine coolers.
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