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You could be a model with that face.

You guys might not care less, or you might think that the physical existence of me is far too boring, but it's been awhile since I did this, so I figured, hey let's go out on a limb here.
If there's anything about me that you want to see a picture of I will take it. Within reason of course. Climbing into Jensen's backyard might be a little drastic for me.

thirtysec0nds asked for the pictures of the clothing I got at my latest thrift store run. But is there anything else you want to see? My awesome backless dress? My bitch cat? My red leather tennis shoes? My huge collection of acryllic paints? Say the word I will post it.

1. The Walk – Imogen Heap
I listened to this so much first semester. Some of you will remember, because it inspired a J2 of the same name. My room mates probably wanted to end my life.

2. All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love – Erasure LOCKED
I got Nightbird in the summer and it was by happy accident the first week of school or so that I listened to this track. It’s funny, because even though the sentiment in this track is pretty gloomy, it still reads as a happy song to me.

3. Jerk It Out – Caesars
I was listening to neighbor radio when I heard “Paper Tigers” by them. I wound up downloading this by mistake and was like, “hey, this is from the apple commercial” thus a love affair was born.

4. Let Me Down Gently – The Ark LOCKED
This song kind of reminds me of the The Bull’s theme song, but in a good way, I swear. At this point in time, I loved pretty much everything off this album by The Ark.

5. Hi-fi – The London Suede
I was listening to shuffle on a rainy day on the way to one of my weekly movie screenings and this came on. I really want there to be a sex scene somewhere to this song. Because I’m weird like that.

6. Ride – Cary Brothers
I got The Last Kiss soundtrack because it was just about the only thing that I liked about that movie and this was probably my favorite song off it. I listened to it constantly and moped about. Perhaps this is why the evil room mates thought I needed medication.

7. Never Be Lonely – The Feeling
God all of the music I listened to first semester was so schmaltzy. Oh well. Holly enjoyed this song, so clearly I’m not completely crazy about its accessibility.

8. Hot Blooded – Foreigner
I had Foreigner’s greatest hits since I stole it from my friend (well not really, I just ripped it), and then after I noticed it playing in “Wendigo” I was like woohoo. Gabe and I would dance around the room to this song.

9. Integral – Pet Shop Boys LOCKED
I bought Fundamental because of the whole political aspect and because “I’m With Stupid” amused me. Why oh why couldn’t this song come up when I did that iTunes autobiographical movie meme? I would ignore the lyrics and take it as my cue to save the world.

10. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
I liked Snow Patrol before they came out with “Run” and got big, although if that song hadn’t become popular we wouldn’t have that excellent youtube video “The Romance of The Jedi”—But in regards to this song, it isn’t as good, in my opinion, as “Chocolate” but it’s all sweet and shit, so of course I adore it.

11. Worn Me Down – Rachael Yamagata
I guess I should thank The Last Kiss soundtrack again. Because I never would have heard of Rachel Yamagata if it weren’t for that. And then I never would’ve downloaded this.

12. Kiss You Off – Scissor Sisters LOCKED
And then, finally, their CD was released. I had to find out through an edition of I-D, those bastards. I forgive them because it’s The Scissor Sisters. This is one of the songs that Ana Matronic sang lead vocals on, and usually I prefer Jake Shears, but she did such an awesome job with this one.

13. Numb – Sia LOCKED
I got Season 3 of Nip/Tuck from netflix and in one of the scenes where Christian is going through his terrible emotional turmoil, this song was played. I spent a week or so walking back and forth to classes while this played.

14. America – Razorlight
Razorlight was my favorite band my Junior year of high school. I finally got their next album and sadly this was the only track that captured me. BUT BOY DID IT EVER.

15. The Beat Goes On – IMA robot
Lexi gave me a mix with IMA robot on it so I downloaded some of their other stuff and basically went to town with this song.

16. Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric
This was the song that Will Farrel played in Stranger Than Fiction and despite it being so simple, I guess this type of guitar and percussion just spells happy place for me.

17. Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ top
Was listening to the classic rock station on XM and this came on, and I must admit as I was sitting there, waiting for my dad to show up, I was inspired to pick up my 1930s AU again. Oh Dean, how I love you so.

18. Do Ya – Electric Light Orchestra LOCKED
I don’t think I would’ve survived December without this song. I was hanging out with Alison and was inspired to pick up this album again, because she listens to a ton of ELO.

19. La Familia – Guy Sigsworth
This song is by Mirah, but since it was on the Joyride remixes Guy Sigsworth gets sole credit. I don't know how that works. I have the original as well as the one by Chris Baker. I’m divided, but I think this is the best one.

as per usual, some of these songs are iTunes locked. If you would like the ones that are, please IM me for my password.

Anyway, I'm back on the Western Seaboard, and thank god for that. No more mushy strawberries for me. Only the real ones, ya hear? I can't believe summer is going so quickly. But then it always does.

ETA: I have become aware that this somehow posted itself while I was still in the process of uploading. It shall die. The music is there now.
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