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A hodgepodge of things to get on the page

I finished HP7 possibly ahead of schedule, because I simply did not sleep. I was having the worst cramps ever. And aparently it's not just me. My f-list seems to be suffering the evil plague of the uterus. You have my sympathies and condolences.

Colleen and I hung out on Friday, HP releasing day, possibly because of our mutual refusal to go there at midnight. Neither of us is very good with lines or with crowds of people. Instead we went to the Palo Alto Film Promenade on University. I think it's the first year they've done this. It was completely whacked out. But it was nice to walk along University at night with the entire street blocked off. We found ourselves at Rasputin music ooing and aahing over very cheap music prices. Neither of us bought anything.

And then I sat down yesterday and read Harry Potter. I think it's my favorite book, yo, even in spite of my disappointment at the ending. I finished it and I STILL couldn't sleep, so I took a scalding shower and managed to fall asleep inside it--I was that tired. But after I finally got to bed I felt alot better. I only woke up because I was drowning in sweat from all the blankets I'd packed on. And then I made Greek food for dinner. Homemade Pita, Tzatziki, and Greek herbed meatballs. So overall I count this day a win. Especially because memphis86 and mickeym are so awesome.

In the next couple of days you guys should expect fic and another music post. Possibly a picspam of pinstripes. Since I adore them so much.
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