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Of grocery stores and me proving my intellectual worth

I hate Roberts. That's the grocery store I'm currently stuck going to. I'm always struck by the urge to dye my hair purple, put on my loudest clothing and most glittery make up, and walk in there and be completely ridiculous. I feel like they'd die over the gourmet cheese counter. Man I miss Piazza's. Everybody was so nice there. And they sold Honest Tea. And chocolate milk. If every grocery store in CT has Honest Tea, I do not see why we are finding it so hard here.

Fix it, Roberts. Or I will walk in with a boom box ala Do The Right Thing and start a shouting match so colossal you call the police. Maybe we could skip torching the place though.


I like writing story notes. It's my chance to prove to you that I actually know stuff. And Flowers I know quite a bit about. Blame my upbringing for that.

-The title of The Flower Gleams comes from "Hodie Aperuit" in Liber Divinorum Operum written by Hildergard Von Bingen. The translation reads:

Today a closed portal has been opened
that which the serpent suffocated
in the wise-woman
is revealed to us.
Now the flower of the Virgin
is alight in the dawn.

If Dean knew I was applying such feminist sentiment to him he'd probably die.

-Dean uses two Zombie movie director names, George Romero and Sam Raimi. I entertain myself with the notion that Dean likes "Shaun of the Dead" and will next pretend to be Edgar Wright. Oooh ooh, no he can be Simon Pegg and Sam can be Nick Frost. Even their aliases love each other.

-Crucifix orchids. Oh it was just too good to pass up. At the farmers market in San Francisco, they always have them. I actually knew them as Star Orchids. But when I found out that they were also called Crucifix, the notion of Dean brandishing one to fend off a demon wouldn't leave my head.

-I had this brief and painful time in sixth grade when I was obsessed with Greek mythology and Sailor Moon. I friend. But in any event, I find myself in possession of a lot of useless knowledge. Thus the Hesperides became the reason for Dean's...well I'm sure he'd see it as an affliction. They have like five billion names, and no one is sure about th eindividual names of the three. Accounts differ, but it is said that they guard either a single tree or a grove of golden apples that grant immortality. The apple trees that Sam grafts together seemed particularly apt. Barring someone cutting that thing down, that sign, of how Dean and Sam are intertwined will be there for as long as the tree is.

The "mark" was something of my own invention. In reality (reality, heh), if Greek gods were transcending time to grant their powers on somebody, Dean probably would have gotten such a thing from Demeter. The Hesperides just sounded cooler. And more flowery. Because their entire job is gardening. Poor Dean.

-If any of you have seen Rock My World, you know that Lady and Lord Foxley are pretending to be servants in their own home, Bensen and Margaret. Bensen does all the gardening, so Lord Foxley is out there watering, pretending to be him, and one of the characters asks "What are they called?" and he replied "White ball flowers." Later he procures an encyclopedia and convinces everybody that he's a freak by playing the name game with the flowers.

-Rowan is one of the sacred trees along with oak, ash, beech, elm, yew, hawthorn, pine, alder, holly, willow...and I know I'm forgetting some. It's all recorded in Ogham, anyway. Supposedly Rowan has the same painful effect on fairies. The oaks grafted together around Dean and Sam's house in the "resolution" represent strength, solidarity, and life.

-If any of you indulged in historical or fantasy fiction you've probably heard the term Feverfew thrown around somewhere. Although in all likelihood you've also run across it in your daily trek through life. Feverfew are chrysanthemums and despite an old lady potpurri taste they are excellent at breaking fevers and hydrating and flushing the system.

-Sluagh are restless souls in Irish lore, doomed to stalk the earth because they were so impure that the Earth would not except them or allow them to move on. It is said that they took part in The Wild Hunt, and that they would steal the souls of others in retalliation for the pain they suffered. So there it is folks.

So how was your day, kiddies?

ETA: everybody is talking about their separation from lj, I would like to mention that I am particularly miffed, because I was attempting to write genderswap, and I wanted to read over a few fics to see what they did with the pronouns. Research, you know? *cough*
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