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Dear Channing Tatum in Coach Carter,

Please to be not doing that lip thing. I will either die or start composing sonnets with shaky meter and a ridiculous rhyme scheme about them.


SERIOUSLY GUYS, THE LIP THING. I just really want him to go and make out with boys. I had a similar notion with Zac Efron in Hairspray. This appears to be a trend. Lauren thinks boy is hot, wants boy to go out and fuck other boys. I didn't always do this. Once upon a time, when I was maybe thirteen, when I saw hot boys I typically wanted to make out with them myself.

1. Laurel Wreath – The Ark
I got We Are The Ark for my birthday. Overall I was very disappointed with the album, considering how much I loved In Lust We Trust and State of the Ark. However, this song is freakin’ awesome. The driving guitar and everything—nobody else seems to think it’s cool. Hopefully I can enlighten you.

2. Stranglehold – Ted Nugent LOCKED
So honestly, it took reports of Ted Nugent being a racist jackass to make me look at this song again. I’m not proud of that. But I do love the song. DAMN YOU, TED NUGENT.

3. Anyway You Want It – Journey
Early in second semester, while I was wallowing in the blues, I started listening to a lot of classic rock. Urm, that’s why I have all these songs on this list. Someday this song will be on SPN. And then I will promptly die, because all my good luck in life will have been used up.

4. Getaway – The Music
Possibly the only good thing evil room mate Eileen did for me was introduce me to this song. Granted she only listened to it because she was trying to impress the guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with, but I got something out of it, so I can’ t be all that upset.

5. Live and Learn – The Cardigans
I basically listened to this where I went for weeks on end. I’m sure I drove everybody nuts. Because I’m whacko and assign all songs to one of my OTPs, this one belongs to Warren and Will.

6. Science of Silence – Richard Ashcroft
This dude was the lead singer of The Verve, so instant street cred right there. Although he’s a little sappier in this form, I feel like he took the spirit of The Verve with him when they broke up. Although honestly, nothing beats “Bittersweet Symphony.”

7. My Bed Is My Castle – Mahogany LOCKED
I’m sure everybody knows my Mahogany story by now, since it’s pretty damn cracked out. Anyway, this was my favorite song off of that album. They’re so weird, but they’re unlike pretty much anything else I listen to. It was perfect for me since I was going through the depression of a lifetime. January was a pretty dark time for me.

8. Gimme A Little Sign – Brenton Wood
If any of you people on my f-list haven’t seen Shop Girl you really should. It reminded me of all this great mo-town music I had. I’m pretty sure that as I walked around campus listening to this song that I was actually singing out loud, and man, that’s kind of embarrassing.

9. Cash Machine – Hard-Fi
My mom hates this song because she says it’s sexist, but I enjoy it because it’s catchy. And I pretty much just like Hard-Fi. Something about the way they use their instruments just seems different to me. But then, in all honesty, what do I know about music?

10. Take It Easy, Chicken – Mansun
And this one is another awesome ass-kicker of a song. If this doesn’t end up in some action sequence somewhere, start looking for my name in the obits, because clearly I'll have died before finishing the mission.

11. Trees – Lovehammers
I have a great playlist of songs that in my mind say “Winchester incestuous love is okay,” it should come as no surprise that this song is on it. The lyrics are quasi-laughable, but there is a lot of sentiment behind it.

12. C’mon People (We’re Making It Now) – Richard Ashcroft
Remember how I said Richard was sappy? Well I wasn’t kidding. But this song just makes me happy happy happy. This song will probably end up as the background of a Kodak commercial, that’s how happy it is.

13. Return To Me – Matthew Ryan
myfriendhobbes gave this song to me and I think it carried me through spring break. I’m not quite sure who it’s addressing. I like to think that he’s talking to somebody who’s very sick and he’s singing this hoping they’ll get better. I always was bad at discerning meaning from songs.

14. Love Today – Mika
I, like everybody else, got sucked into the Mika hype. It was well worth it. This song is oodles better than half of the depressing shit I was surrounding myself with. It doesn’t really keep to a normal song verse pattern, and for that reason it is love.

15. New York Groove – Kiss
I bet when you hear this you’re going to say “that is most assuredly not Kiss.” Well I don’t know what to tell you. Only that nobody does listen to it and go “Wow, that’s totally Kiss.” The drumline and the vocals and the entire thing is nothing like them. It’s kind of amazing.

16. Don’t Change – INXS LOCKED
brokenbacktango gave me this song on the mix she sent me and I, like her, think it is love. If only everybody thought this way.

17. The End – De / Vision LOCKED
This is another song I fully intend to soundtrack. Probably for some short film I do about a library. Because I love libraries? Kind of the truth. Possibly because I always listened to this song when I was working. It’s an awesome dance song though.

18. All The Same – Sick Puppies LOCKED
Another song on the “Wincestuous playlist of Love.” I think even without Wincest that Dean might still feel this way about Sam. Although he’d probably never be so poetic or sappy about it either.

19. Boys Wanna Be Her – Peaches
I have never liked Peaches. That said, this song totally rocks my world. Hard not to with guitars like this. My friend Xochitl loves Peaches and this is the only song she doesn’t like, so clearly that means it’s good, since you’d have to be demented to like them.

20. Müssen Nur Wollen – Wir Sind Helden
Listen to this song once and tell me how you could resist playing it 800 times. I spent a large portion of my J2 ballroom dancing fic listening to them. Maybe that explains why that fic is the way it is.

21. Little Wonders – Rob Thomas LOCKED
This, like James Blunt, is another one of those moments where you are not going to judge me. I swear, I will cut you if you judge me. Anyway, I took my brothers to see Meet the Robinsons and then I bought them the soundtrack. Needless to say I kind of enjoyed it myself.

22. Fade to Black – Metallica
Another song that I used as inspiration during the J2 ballroom dancing song. Only the first instrumental bit though. Later when it starts getting all hardcore I stop I enjoying this song. It’s because I’m a big time AC/DC fan.

Also the next-door neighbors are playing REALLY loud REALLY bad music. It woke me up this morning. Don't force to me to fight back with the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, neighbors.
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