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Art Post: Because I love you endlessly...

memphis86 is in the process of writing epic Sam as Psyche and Dean as Eros fic. I, being the most benevolent person that I am, agreed to draw this wonderful idea. Also, because, dude, Dean as Eros? Only like the coolest thing evar! I have such a kink for our boys in antiquity.

So, er, Dean doesn't have a quiver like Memphis wanted. Hopefully, she will recover. Also, Sam is in the stupidest girly pose ever. Although I still like it. Blame it on the pre-raphealite I based it off of.

Sam was such a bitch to draw. Garg. From his legs, to his torso, to his stupid albeit sexy face. Dean was like a snap in this one, which was a complete reversal from "Oath of the Horatii"!Boys. I might have been a bit zealous in drawing Sam's *ahem* area. Totally memphis86's fault, well that and Sasquatch Cockfest 2007. I envisioned Psyche!Sam in a typical young man's tunic, but I put him in something a little less. Just conforming to the style of the painting, you know *cough*.

Dean's clothing I actually didn't have to change. Eros in the painting was just zipping along "WOOPS, I got this scarf caught between my legs." Hey no skin off my nose, I think drawing dicks hanging around might have ruined the elegance of this a little. But maybe that's because I'm immature and would point and say "PEEN!" while giggling hysterically.

So you know, I hope you enjoy it?
Tags: art, drawing, eros!sam and psyche!dean, sam/dean, wincest
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