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Oh the materialness of me...

Meredith is the worst shopping companion ever in the sense that she won't drag you away from stuff you really want to buy if it looks good. In fact, in response to the query "Will I regret if forever, if I don't get this?" she will say "Yes." Meredith, be better about that.

Anyway, she's gone, and the madness of the last five days has abated. We did a lot of shopping. Everywhere.

It's a pencil skirt with suspenders from H+M. Apparently I rock this fashion. Who knew. Skirts and me are mostly a very bad combination.

Old-timey red velvet jacket.

At long last a new bag.

A necklace tree for all my jewelry. There's not much on it now, but when I go back to school I'll probably be crying about how there aren't very many hooks on it after all. It was a very loving purchase.

These glittery thingies to hold pictures in. The photos are of me and maypirate when she visited in June.

So I'm usually all for the symmetry, but it's cherry coke. Woohoo! Even if Vanilla is way better (and ruins you for any other type of soda).

Like I need more headbands, I'm kind of the headband queen. I think I have twelve or thirteen total.

and pinstripey pants in navy. No wardrobe is complete without them. Best part of all, my mother bought a pair from Banana Republic at the same time, almost EXACTLY the same. *cries*

I just like things!

Now I will actually get back to writing and drawing stuff. I have another Eros!Dean and Psyche!Sam planned. It won't be as elegant as the last one, but there will be WINGS.
Tags: drawing, meredith, missing you, shopping
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