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Paging the Winchesters, I've found a strip of cursed high way

Some of you will remember that on August 4th last year the brakes on Florence's car failed on 280 North near the Lawrence Expressway Exit, resulting in a broken car for Flo and a broken arm for me. Despite a hysterical woman having a near epic freak-out I was the only one who was actually hurt. Although Flo got pretty scratched up when she jumped around to the passenger side to pull me out.

Well, today, on the way back to Palo Alto to see Superbad, bananafish, ericaplease, and I were rear-ended by a car who couldn't stop in time after another car's tire blew. Nobody was hurt, although I bit down really hard on my teeth and they've been kind of aching ever since. If all goes well they won't fall out. I'm trusting you, teeth.

Hopefully Colleen and Erica will still consent to drive with me after this.

However, I should like to point out that this rear-ending business guessed it...on 280 North near the Lawrence Expressway Exit almost exactly a year after my first accident. Lawrence Expressway, I HATE YOU!
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