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I Live A Very Bored Existence

A list of facts about the state of my life:

1. My mother is driving me mad.

2. I keep running around the house dancing to "Galvanize the Empire" by Party Ben, which is a Chemical Brothers and Star Wars mash up. If you want it, it can be found here

3. My skin is really itchy and I feel incredibly bleh in my clothes. I think it's just awful-uterus related trouble.

4. I keep missing something terribly and I don't know what it is, it's like being homesick for a place you've never been to.

5. I have found an incredibly intriguing fantasy novel. I am happy. I have also acquired the Sci-fi Baby Naming dictionary. No I am not kidding. I do want to "boldly go where no parent has gone before."

6. I plan to go to the library and rip all their music to my computer. I'm really bored with mine, I don't suppose I could coerce you all to make me mixes?

7. I am still beating myself up over not seeing Day Watch. I loved Night Watch, and nobody was willing to go see it with me. It seems that very few of my friends share my proclivity for people hitting each other, car chases, and explosions.

8. I want to be amazing.

So, now that you know that, what's up with you?
Tags: day watch, music, party ben
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