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I heart libraries

I'm feeling like I have all of these things that I have to get out and talk about and then when I actually sit down and attempt to write it, it escapes me. This listy thingy works for me.

1. The Allman Brothers Band CD that I'm attempting to burn is laughing at me. I've been doing this for an hour now.

2. I'm sitting in the library courtyard, procrastinating on my Japanese review. The weathers really nice and it's kind of distracting.

3. I'm also incredibly hungry. I just want to eat everything. That fence over there looks appetizing. *headdesk*

4. How do we feel about Jared as Tenjou Utena and Jensen as Anthy? I am writing way too many SPN adaptations of things, so it's probably not a good idea for me to write this, but if I were to draw it?

5. I'm back on the east coast in two days. Jesus. It snuck up on me.

6. memphis86 and I are doing themed mixes. If you would like to participate the next theme is for weather! It's all in the name of new music.
Tags: allman brothers, mixes, music, utena!jared and anthy!jensen
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