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*passes out on desk*

I finally got internet this morning. It's not like I was away from it for long, less than 24 hours, but it feels like a major blow. I'm finally all moved in. We still have to buy a futon, and it turns out my single is truly massive so I'll probably have to get some more stuff to make it liveable.

Last night was so hot that I slept on the floor to avoid dying of heat. I complain now, but when Winter sets in, I'll be missing those days.

I'm back on the lan connection. I miss wireless so much, but yale wireless is seriously shit, so good lan versus shitty wireless? I think my suite plans to set up their own internet though, and that'll be awesome. Although knowing us it'll go wrong. ALL WRONG.

Anyway, I should post some art soon. More Wild Westchesters, as memphis86 says, as well as the next entry into our themed mix contest.

PS: putting the towel hooks across from the shower? what is that? I don't want to be sprinting around the bathroom naked!
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