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Why, Lauren? Do you even know?

I don't like getting drunk a whole lot. I mean, being tipsy and laughy and playing drinking games, I understand the appeal.

But mostly, once I get past that part, I'm not a good drunk. I drank a lot more this summer than I ever did before. And I don't mean every weekend, but for someone who refused, pretty much, to drink in college, it was a lot.

Now, I've spent four out of the last days drunk. Last night wasn't so bad, but I got hit with the alkie malaise nevertheless. ericaplease and my mother, all I have to say is, thank you for existing. Friday I got so fucked up I woke up at 7 AM and was still drunk, and school hasn't started yet, so it's not like I have to worry, but I don't like that this seems to be the best way I know how to have fun.

I totally miss the girl who had the ability to say no, because seriously, it's not like I never got drunk before I came to Yale, but I kinda feel like I've caved to the social mores of partying.

Today was the activities bazaar for Freshman and of course I was at the co-op table. Nobody paid attention to us until Ben and I got up on the ledge around Beinecke Plaza and started dancing with the ginormous pride flag. I was so afraid I was going to fall, it's probably a twenty foot drop. Now I'm horribly sunburned, but for once the co-op raked in a lot of girls. It was all because of my creative interpretive dance. We had two lesbian freshman last year (and then myself, who was Bi), and now we have...UNTOLD NUMBERS. WOOOHOOO.

The unfortunate biproduct is that my skin has taken on a reddish cast. Ooooh sunburning.
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