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It's time for me to get out of here!

There's a fight going on in my courtyard. The bank lost one of my deposits and the customer service dude kept calling me "Ms. Donohoe." Given the fact that I gave him the pronounciation of my name BEFORE the spelling, this is truly unacceptable. My name has nothing to do with the wearing or putting on of hos. Sad to say.

I spent the last hour listening to the Queer Peer Coordinator bitch about the QRC president and how he's failed. It's been approximately a week under the president, so I would hardly count his entire tenure in office a failure. Also there is pink chalk smeared all over me.

I'm really freakin' bad at Japanese. Still. No changes there. But a really cute student kept hitting on me and going on about my sexy accent. I refrained from pointing out that my "deep husky voice" comes from my stomach acid going up my esophagus and wind-pipe when I'm stressed. They would probably find this disgusting.

The last three movies I rented from netflix have been entirely blah. For some reason this makes me miss my mother and want to skip my homework for the next century.

Oh, memphis86, I'm so ready to be up there with you. I will snuggle you. Alot.
Tags: nyc, qrc, rantage, so you had a bad day
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